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Weigthloss Update... faithfulness

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  • Tuesday, August 16
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  • Just wanted to take a moment of your time and give an update on my weight loss issues... I have come to realize that my plateau as it is called is not because of my body needing a break but because I had lost faithfulness towards my diet and was coasting.  This resulted in my basically stabilizing at 38 lbs to go and then actually gaining weight.  This was the status of my last post. 

    I am excited to say that I think I may have overcome this latest hurdle as in the last four weeks, I have lost a total of 8 lbs.  This is the resulted in re-lossing the extra pounds that I had gained during my "struggles" and some additional pounds.  The final result is that at my last weigh in... I was only 33 lbs away from my goal weight and I was back on track.

    Since that weigh in... I have tried to remain faithful to both my diet and my water drinking.  And have increased my exercise so that I am not only doing Zumba and gardening...but I have added the "Couch to 5 K" program.  I am on week 2 and am enjoying it a lot.  Not only is my clothing beginning to be looser again but I also feel more energized and dare I say it.... yes... I dare.... sexier in my own skin. 

    Do I still have extra lbs in areas that I don't like?  yes.  Do I still need to meet my goal?  yes.... but I do believe I will make it.  And then who knows what will happen next... toning?  a 5K? 

    I don't know what is next on this journey but I praise God for taking me on it and for being control.  And I thank you for coming along with me on it.  I will be posting more details about my C2 5K experiences as it progresses.  If you have done this program, please add your experiences in the comments.




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