A little sugar helps the medicines of Life go down.


Our journey to Parenthood… a rollercoaster ride with me driving and smooth sailing when  God drove.

Adoption was never a second option for Bill and I.  When we were engaged we had decided that we would grow our family both biologically and by adoption.  As we were adopted children of God, we both felt that adoption was a wonderful way to increase our family.  What was at issue was my (not Bill’s) inability to turn control over to the Lord on this issue.  Not only did that inability cause us many years of heartache and expense but it also negatively impacted my Christian maturity.  (on a side note… after I did turn this issue over to the Lord and prayed “Your Will be done Lord not Mine”, I became at peace about it and my Christian maturity grew by leaps and bounds… I am not where the Lord wants me to be yet but I am further along the path.)  I felt a lot of responsibility to have children biologically because I am the one who cannot have children.   This post series details our journey to parenthood through infertility and adoption…it was a roller coaster ride when I drove and it was smooth sailing when I stepped back and let go of the wheel and the Lord drove.

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