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Research… Research… Research… The World says “No” but God says “Yes”

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  • We did of course research (as we had learned the negatives of not researching in our first adoption experience) all of the information about the “supposed” medical situation.  It is a horrible condition for any child to be born with and I pray for parents that are loving children who have that cross to bear.  We talked with our friends in the medical field, read the doctor’s reports on the baby (remember we were dealing with a reputable facilitator and attorney… and they insisted that we have this information before we finalized our decision), and read all that we could find on the internet. 
    This was not an uninformed decision that we reached… but it came down to this…if our biological child was born with this condition, we would not even consider abortion… we would raise the baby that God chose to give us.  In this case, we both felt that God chose for Will to be our son no matter what medical condition he might have had.  Up to the day we physically took Will home from the hospital, well meaning people were still saying “you can back out of this if you want”… and Will did not even have the horrible medical situation that was originally expected.  

    All he has is a slightly angular skull that a lot of people never have corrected.  We are doubly blessed in that we are able to afford (with much scrimping and saving) to pay for his cranial helmet and less than eight months after he began the treatment… he is scheduled to be done and his skull issues will be a thing of the past.  It came down to a simple matter of obedience… God chose Will to be our son… if he had medical issues or not…God chose us to be his adoptive parents.  Once we discerned God’s will for this… then we had no other choice… Obedience is what God requests and what as Christians we are to do.


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