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Our third adoption experience – an unexpected gift from God.

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  • Our third experience was even more pleasant.  In this situation, I had just e-mailed the facilitator our one year pictures of Cole so that she could forward them to the birth mother and  as a foot note  to my e-mail stated that we were considering adopting again.  I was thinking in a year or more not as soon as God was thinking.  Once again, God’s timing is perfect and ours is not.
    A week later, she sent us an e-mail about a birth mother that was working with an attorney in Kansas the baby in question might have some medical issues. Several couples had all ready turned down the situation due to these potential medical issues in some cases these couples abandoned the adoption after working with the birth mother for several weeks or months.  I do not judge these couples as each prospective adoptive parent knows what they can handle and what they cannot… and to be honest, if we had been presented with this situation prior to turning control over to the Lord, we would not have taken it either…but when you place control in the Lord’s hands you also learn to trust and have faith that He won’t put more on you than you can handle and that He is with you through it all.  The minute we read the email from the facilitator we knew that this was our son medical issues or not. 


    Carli said...

    Congratulations! I can't wait to hear all about him when he is here!

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