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Cole’s adoption continues

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  • The negative of our adoption experience was the travel and that was only because of where and when our son was born (Palm Springs is not exactly inexpensive) and flying on Christmas Eve and coming home 7 days after New Years is not inexpensive.  The good news is that you can take an infant on a plane if he is over 14 days old.  The bad news is you have to keep a lot of well meaning people from breathing, touching, or infecting your newborn baby.  Not a pleasant experience for a first time Mom tired from living in a hotel for several weeks.  The good thing was that it was only one trip.  If we had chosen a California adoption then it would have been another trip for the finalization court.  On a side note… if you can bring a family member who is a Mom or Grandmother with you… take advantage of it and bring them.  We did in Will’s adoption and what a blessing my Mother-in-law was to us during that time.

    Finally…the biggest headache was that it takes California over 10 months to get your birth certificate with your names as the parents on it.  We were still waiting on Cole’s birth certificate for most of 2010.

    One thing... the attorney we used for Louisiana is an attorney who specializes in adoption.  And is WONDERFUL... especially her legal clerk.  That is the key to everything… having a wonderful local adoption attorney that specializes in adoption and is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of all of the various types of adoptions.  I strongly recommend you use an attorney that specializes in adoption especially as they will have to know both states legal requirements in order to protect you.  You need to make sure the attorney is a member of American Academy of Adoption Attorneys as they would then have contacts that help you quite a bit during the process. 


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