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July Fitness Journey Challenge

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  • Sunday, July 3
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  • It has now been 4 months of doing Zumba ( I did take a couple of weeks off during that time so it was 3 active months)... result 10 lbs down but I look and feel like lost 30 + lbs. Down 3 in bust, 4 in waist, and 2 in hips. Also during that 4 months, I did not actively diet or follow my water regime so Zumba is all that I did to keep the weight loss going.
    Now it is time to diet, follow my water regime, and ZUMBA 4 to 6 times a week. I wonder how much I will lose in lbs and inches by the end of July? Join me on this journey as I begin a new series of blog posts following my journey when I follow all of the rules... diet, water, exercise, and vitamins.
    Diet:  700 calories a day plus all of the raw veggies I can eat (except the starchy ones)
    Water:  63 to 126 ounces a day (that is one gallon a day if possible)
    Exercise:  30 minutes to an hour of cardio a day.
    Vitamins:  take them (yuck! I hate taking pills)
    Let see... I failed at my 30 day challenge.  I wonder if I will succeed in my July challenge and by how much?  
    Join me and set a July fitness journey challenge for yourself.  Let me know what you do and I will support and pray for you.


    aSpoonfulOsugar said...

    Well after my weigh in on Tuesday July 5th, I found out the result of only doing the Zumba for four weeks without the diet and water is a weight gain. Time to refocus and re-prioritize.

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