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Domestic Adoption – Plague warning … “Someone to Avoid”

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  • In my post last week, I discussed our first domestic adoption experience with a creature named “Laurie Arrogon”.  If you haven’t read that post… please do so as it will clarify why I call her the “plague”.  After reading about our experience needless to say... I would avoid her like the plague. 
    At this point I got smart and researched her … within five minutes I found out the following:  .  She has been sued numerous times and has been investigated by the FBI… I do not understand why the state of California has not shut her down.    Also, she has been part of a story on adoption fraud by one of the prime time news shows... I think it is on CBS... but I don't watch those type of shows so I don't know which one.  Her better business bureau rating was horrible and I should have found out that part before we sent her our money.    Also after she ran off our birth mother and had our thousands of dollars in the referral fee that we paid.  

    Laurie promised to present us to the next birthmother she had that met our criteria (we were looking for a full Caucasian baby or a ½ Caucasian ½ Hispanic baby with no major drug usage just before or during the pregnancy).  It was over a year before we received any request to present our paperwork for review by a birth mother.  During that time, Laurie advertised on the adoption internet sites numerous birthmother situations that met our needs and I emailed her each time and requested that our paperwork be presented and why were we not getting emails from Laurie on these situations.  I never received a reply to any of my emails nor was our paperwork presented.
    The only two requests for presentation that we received in three years have been ones where the baby was at extreme high risk for horrible medical conditions and the birth mothers were actively engaged in drug usage both before and during the pregnancy and the baby in question did not meet any of our criteria.  This experience was heart wrenching and terribly expensive.  At one point, I thought we would never have another opportunity to become adoptive parents as all our adoption funds were tied up in Laurie’s organization and she was not presenting us.  And the emotional grief I felt when a month after the adoption failed, the baby’s due date rolled around was almost as bad as when I grieved over the loss of our babies to miscarriage.   This did lead to me turning to God and praying for His guidance.  Please note I still had not turned control over to Him…I was just asking for guidance… remember in an earlier post I said I was stubborn… as can be seen my pride and stubbornness were still driving me. Submission has always been an issue for me and one that the Lord has been working on for a long time and is still working on daily.


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