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30 day challenge

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  • I have been on a weight loss / get healthy journey since September 2010.  In that time, I have lost from 292 lbs to 185 lbs... a total of 107 lbs.  And dropped from a size 28 (3 X) to a size 12/14 (Large).  Now I am only 35 lbs away from my goal of 150 lbs and I am only 3 sizes away from my goal of size 8 (Medium). 

    These last 35 lbs are going to be the hardest to lose.  I have decided to issue a 30 day challenge to myself as a jump start/ motivational tool.  And I would like to have my readers hold me accountable to meeting this challenge which has is a physical fitness challenge, a spiritual growth challenge, and a health challenge.  

    The physical fitness portion of the challenge has two parts.  The first part of the physical challenge is a challenge issued by my Zumba instructor (Lisa).  ((Check out her website "Zumba by Lisa" to see some of the great routines that we do.))  This is a challenge is to do 100 push-ups and 100 sit-ups (alternating daily which exercise you do) for 30 days.  The second portion of the physical challenge is to do a minimum of one hour of exercise a day... cardio preferred.  It can be as simple as taking the dogs for a walk or as hard as an hour of Zumba.  

    The spiritual growth portion of the challenge is to spend one hour a day in quiet conversation with the Lord.  This will be done through bible reading, bible studying, and quiet prayer.  I am focusing on the 'quiet' aspect to remind myself that multitasking while trying to do a bible study is not the best way to have a quiet time.  And I believe that you have to be 'still' to hear the Lord's voice at times.

    The last portion of the challenge is the health challenge.  I have to admit that I have not been faithfully following my diet over the last three months and my weight loss shows it.  So for the next thirty days, I am going to faithfully follow the diet as my doctor dictated it to me.  And  I will drink a minimum of 93 ounces of water a day with the intention to drink one gallon of water daily.

    To summarize… my 30 day challenge is to do the following daily:
    • 100 push-ups or 100 sit ups (alternate)
    • 1 hour cardio exercise
    • 1 hour quiet time with the Lord
    • Faithful follow diet
    • 1 gal water daily

    Let's see how well I can make this challenge a reality.  Maybe after thirty days, it will become not only a habit but a lifestyle?


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