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30 day Challenge -- Day 1 results

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  • Friday, June 3
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  • I must be clinically insane... to attempt a 30 day challenge while trying to potty train a two year old.  Okay, I just had to get that "vent" out before I became accountable for my actions or in this case lack of actions on day 1.

    Now for the official results of Day 1:

    100 push-ups -- completed
    60 minutes cardio -- 1/2 completed  only 30 minutes done
    1 hour quiet time -- not done
    Diet -- broken by over 400 calories (forgot that I had eaten breakfast with the boys)
    Water -- only 80 ounces drank

    Not a very good start to a challenge.  But to look on the bright side, I have lots of chances to "improve" today.  So how am I going to set myself up to succeed today?

    My game plan for the day is... first, I am going to write down all that I eat so I won't forget about  a meal along with all of my water so I can make sure that I get in my gallon.  And regarding the cardio and quiet time, I am going to do them during the boy's afternoon nap especially the quiet time as I need to recharge with the Lord's word more than I need to cut coupons today.

    I am very excited that I actually did 100 push-ups... it took me all day and I did the last five right before going to bed.  But I haven't even done a tenth of that in over twenty years.  My arms are letting me know that I did it though so I didn't imagine it. Today SIT-UPS....time to get excited and motivated.  I want to see this muffin top and the bat wings gone and in only 30 days, they should be a lot smaller.


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