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The Fertility Roller Coaster Ride -- new Park, same Ride

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  • After going through several years of basic fertility treatment while in Dallas (as discussed in last week's post),   we decided to take a break from all of the fertility stress and to return home to Louisiana as we had been living in Dallas at that time.  We both felt that getting back to our “home base” as it were might relieve some of the stress and that a break would definitely relieve some of the stress.   

    After about a year living back in Bill's hometown, we made the decision to see the specialists in fertility and I made an appointment at our local fertility clinic.  We are very lucky that a medical school is located in our home town because it also means that a lot of highly qualified physicians live in a smaller city than would be expected.  One of the best fertility clinics in the South is located just fifteen minutes from our home.   

    I thought we had been on the “fertility roller coaster” experience before we started working with the  “experts”.  I was wrong.  Every test that previous doctors had done were redone and new tests were performed.  Then we had to start back at the beginning of the drug regimes slightly modified based upon the new test results.  We also found out at that time that I had both endrometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.  

    Endrometriosis basically means that during your cycle, you are back flushing endrometrial lining through your tubes... and (as my doctor so nicely put it) your insides look like strings of rubber bands are connecting everything.   It also makes your cycle incredibly painful and (as in my case) can cause partial blockage of your tubes.  Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) basically means that your ovaries have the tendency to create cysts.  You also have a harder chance of both getting pregnant and carrying to full term.  Please remember that I am in the medical field and that is putting both of my fertility issues (increased by the 100 lbs that I was over weight) in a very basic layman's terms.

    I am one of the rare people with PCOS that gains weight easily instead of lost it easily (that was a real kick in the gut for me… if I had to have a negative fertility syndrome… why couldn’t I have at least the one positive side affect and be skinny… but it was not meant to be) so no earlier doctor had even considered that I might have PCOS even though I had over 95% of the symptoms of it.  For the only thing the doctors saw was the over weight issue... the other 95% of the symptoms were not even discussed until this time.

    Yet as you can guess... I am still the one driving this fertility journey, the control was not relinquished...maybe... in next week's post, I will have wised up and realized that I needed to turn to the one who is really in control.  


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