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8 and its significance in "Samantha-isms"

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  • As my new layout is arriving in just 8 short days… I started thinking about the number 8 and what it means to the world and what it means in “Samantha-isms”.  Samantha-isms are what Bill call’s the words and phrases that are I say which are unique to me… they are not found in any dictionary or phrase book and unless you have known me for a very long time, it seems that I am speaking in a different language.  This is what I found out according to Wikipedia:
    a)      8 is a composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 2, and 4.  It is twice 4 or four times 2.
    b)      8 is a power of 2, being 23 (two cubed) and is the first number of the form p3
    c)      8 is the base of the octal number system, which is mostly used with computers.  In octal, one digit represents 3 bits.  In modern computers, a byte is a grouping of eight bits, also called an octet.
    d)     A polygon with 8 sides is an octagon
    e)      A cube has 8 vertices
    f)       A figure 8 is the common name of a geometric shape, often used in the context of sports such as skating. 
    g)      The number eight is considered to be a lucky number in Asian cultures
    h)      Hanukkah is a Jewish festival holiday that lasts eight days and eight nights.
    Samantha-isms of the Wikipedia definition of 8:
    a)      8 is a composite number illustration of my life… first it was me then Bill and I fell in love and the 1 became 2, a couple (DINKs-dual income no kids)…and after the adoption of our sons now we are 4, a family (OIMEs-one income multiple expenses).
    b)      23 (two cubed) is marriage, a man and woman united by the Lord.  A trinity based upon God’s love and desire for His children. 
    c)      Byte is when Will is teething and gives me love kisses on my shoulder… currently I have multiple bruises as proof of Will’s love. 
    d)     Stop signs are the octagons in my life, and right now my life is all about stopping.  Stopping the health disaster path I was on by dieting and getting fit.  Stopping my backsliding controlling ways (another disaster on the way) by turning all over to the Lord and actively seeking His Will for my life.  Stop working as a Controller but working harder than ever as a SAHM (and future Homeschooler) of two active boys.
    e)      Rubik cubes are a lot like life, you can let it beat you or you can just remove the stickers and put them back in order.  Some may call it “cheating”, I called it “improvising”.  Now I call it removing the sins in my life and letting God put me back in order.
    f)       Zumba is my main exercise these days and after all the dieting and hard work, my hips can now make a figure 8 that is recognizable as one.  It would have been hard to see a figure 8 in my hip motion 100 lbs ago. 
    g)      Samantha has 8 letters in it… I guess that is why I have been so blessed in my life.  The Lord has given me a wonderful husband that adores me and that I adore.  Two fantastic little boys that I have been given the honor of being their Mommy.  A family that loves and supports me and last but not least, Salvation through His Son.  To read more on “Samantha” see my series on the name… the first post is “Samantha… what’s in a name?"
    h)      The festival of lights is not a Jewish celebration but the Natchitoches Christmas Festival where historic homes and the Red River are lit up.   Remember “Steel Magnolias”?  then you know what I am talking about.
    So remember that in 8 short days… the new layout arrives. Come check it out and let me know what you think all comments are appreciated.


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