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A week to a Mommy

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  • Saturday, March 26
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  • aSpoonfulOsugar
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  • Only one week to go till I roll out the new layout.  Trying to put this in proper perspective..

    To the rest of the world one week equals:
    7 days
    168 hours
    10,080 minutes
    604,800 seconds

    To a Mommy one week equals:
    9 trips to the park to swing & slide
    28 sippy cup refills & 35 formula bottles
    63 times singing "EYO aka 'Ole MacDonald had a Farm'" to Cole
    84 diaper changes
    91 times Cole requests "Parumpapapum aka 'Little Drummer Boy' to be sung"
    700 giggles and grins and hugs
    70,000 memories 

    as the saying goes "Priceless"


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