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Samantha… what’s in a name?

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  • According to Wikipedia…  Samantha is a feminine given name. In the western world, it is believed to have originated in the 18th century, perhaps from the masculine given name Samuel[1] and anthos, the Greek word for "flower".[2] It may have been intended to be a feminine form of Samuel with the addition of the already existing feminine name Anthea.[1] "Samuel" is a Hebrew name, and means "heard of" in Aramaic or Hebrew.  Having arisen only in the latter part of the 18th century, Samantha is a relatively new name in comparison with Biblical and other names which may be thousands of years old. It was consistently popular in English-speaking countries throughout the 19th century.
    Wikipedia’s definition sounds great… but what is in a name?  That is a question that I have no answer for… as my name changed over the years as I changed.  
    When I was a little girl…it was Sammi or Sam…Sammi by family and close friends and Sam to the rest of the world.  
    As a teenager, it was Samantha or Sam…Samantha when I wanted to be treated as an adult and Sam when the little girl wanted to play.   
    In my twenties it was Sam…a fun loving college co-ed focused on having fun, falling in love, and surviving College.  
    In my thirties it was Samantha… career women focused on professional growth and infertility treatment.  
    In my forties it is Sam or Samantha… a well rounded lady focused on God, family, home, and health.  I wonder what it will become as life goes on?

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