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Strategic Shopping 101 #5

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  • Why shop strategically?  I could talk and talk about the benefits of shopping strategically but I believe one example may speak more…

    So for example, if tuna’s maximum price is 99¢ a can.  It goes on sale at 79¢ quite often and then  you see it on sale for 59¢…sounds like it is the rock bottom price?  Yet if you had waited just one week, the tuna would have hit the rock bottom price of 49¢ a can.  10¢ difference doesn’t seem like much but if you have a 25¢ coupon and shop at a store that doubles then you could have gotten your tuna for free and if tuna is a product that your family uses a lot of the savings between 79¢ and 49¢ or 59¢ and 49¢ can add up over time…still doesn’t sound like it is worth the effort…then change the item in the example from tuna to a car.  And change the time frame of pricing from six weeks to a year.  If you purchase a car at the wrong time period in the curve and not at the rock bottom price, the negative impact to your family’s savings is substantial at least anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 difference.  Well of course we shop strategically for a car but why waste time doing it for groceries?  In my last shopping trip, I saved $362 using these principles…I purchased $480 worth of product and only paid $118 ((milk and meat and vegetables made up the majority of the products that I did not have coupons for…this was a preholiday party shopping trip so I purchased a lot of veggies for my veggie trays for three different parties I had to go too)).  Taking this weekly shopping trip and applying it over a year results in a potential savings of $18,000 …even if I only save that much 50% of the time that is a potential savings of $9,000 in a year.  How often do you buy a car in comparison to how often you purchase groceries?  The potential for savings is greater if you apply strategic shopping to groceries.

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