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Strategic Shopping 101 #2

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  • Okay so how does one begin to strategic shop…. strategic shopping requires a mind shift from the modern materialistic thought process that we seem to have when we shop.  You have to change how you think focusing on the limited funds rather than on meeting your perceived desire or need for an item.  Our culture tells us that we need it now…buy…buy…buy no matter the price or the ultimate impact to your family savings.  I know as I was in that mindset for the first 16 years of my married life.  This mindset led to a house overflowing with unused toiletries (the hand lotion smelled so good… I just had to buy it, despite that I had four other bottles in the bathroom cabinet) and unused cleaning supplies (I just knew that the new cleaning product would make my much hated chore of cleaning the house easier).  Now…I focus on only purchasing items that I need and utilize which are at their lowest price attainable (rock bottom price) AND that I have either a coupon or a rebate deal on…I prefer it when I have both a coupon and a rebate.
    Now that you have changed your mindset…which by the way doesn’t happen overnight and will evolve as you get further and further into savings…the next step is how do you shop strategically?  What questions do you need to have answered to be successful shopping strategically?

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