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Before and Present

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  • I have never really liked to have my picture taken.  It probably has something to do with my issues with my size.  Until I started my weight loss "get healthy" journey, I was a 5'8" 292 lb "Fat Girl"  (I have never minced words with myself... I was FAT and I was not ashamed of it.).  The issue is finding before pictures. Luckily, my doctor requires a before picture and I was able to talk the nurse into giving me a copy of it. 

    Samantha - Before
    So here is the official before picture...me at 292 lbs.  I also thought a picture of me in a "happy" situation might be helpful.  Here is another "before" picture taken in August.
    Family photo taken 1 month before I began this journey.
    Now... just because I have lost weight doesn't mean that I like to have my picture taken.  So here is the latest picture at 185 lbs (107 lbs lost).
    May 2011 family photo

    As you can see things have changed substantially.  I strongly recommend to anyone who is just beginning a weight loss journey, that they take before pictures.  Then when you get discouraged you can look at it and realize how far you have come and get motivated to continue to your goal.

    Next time I have a picture to post... it will hopefully be of me in my goal dress size and at my goal weight.

    Keep on getting healthy!


    I Am Not Superwoman said...

    Wow you look like a new woman! Congrats on your weightloss. Whatever you are doing it is working. Keep it up. Not much longer to go? Have a great weekend!

    mum in meltdown said...

    Wow that really is a fantastic achievement. Well done so far and good luck for the remainder ( although you look great in the last pic) !

    Dari said...

    You look fabulous!!!

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