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30 day challenge -- Day 2, Day 3, and Day 4

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  • Sunday, June 5
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  • Accountability...(per my worn out copy of Webster's dictionary) is the quality or state of being accountable.  As an accountant, I should be used to the reality of accountability.  But once again, I have forgotten all of my accounting and have reverted to poor decisions.  The last two days, I have not improved upon my day one score significantly.  But I still feel that I can make this challenge a success so I am going to be accountable.

    Friday Day 2:

    25 situps
    15 minutes of cardio
    5 minutes of quiet time
    diet == busted
    water 93 ounces drank

    Saturday Day 3:

    0 pushups
    1 hour of  cardio
    5 minutes of spiritual time
    diet = busted
    water = 93 ounces

    Sunday Day 4

    0 situps
    0 cardio
    1 hour spiritual time (Church)
    diet = busted (donuts for breakfast need I say more)
    water = busted

    Okay... this is the beginning of a brand new week.  Time to meet my accountability head on and to make this challenge a success. 

    Keeping striving for healthy living.


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