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New blog layout coming along with content change.

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  • Thursday, March 24
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  • aSpoonfulOsugar
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  • To all my followers... I am working on a blog overhaul both on content and on style.  I am finding that I have issues reading my posts with my current layout.  I am hoping to roll out a new layout along with a standard posting schedule, reviews, giveaways, and challenges on the 2nd of April.  I would do it on the first of April but I don't want to make it a "joke" as it is too personal for me.  I have enjoyed posting for the last three months but I know that this is Not my best effort as I am still learning... I appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Love all of you and appreciate any comments, suggestions or items you would like to see.  I will also be putting more information about our various infertility treatment experiences, adoption experiences, weight loss experiences, and overall life experiences. 

    Just 9 days to the new "A Spoonful O' Sugar".... can't wait.



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