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Got Your Six

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  • Sunday, March 27
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  • “Got your six, Boss” is DiNozzo’s catch phrase to Gibbs on NCIS (my favorite TV show… I named my two dogs, Leroy and Jethro ... does that say anything).   So what really can happen in six?

    In six seconds, this post will have been read and tweeted.
    In six minutes, this post will be on the face book page “A Spoonful O Sugar”
    In six hours, this post will have been commented on (always the optimist am I)
    In six days (April 2nd), the new layout will be rolled out.
    In six weeks (May 5th), the impact of Zumba will be shown in my waistline and the sixth week of Couch to 5K will be beginning.
    In six months (September 2011), Cole will be ending his first 30 days in Preschool. 
    In six years (2017), I will be turning 50 and both of my boys will be under 8 years old.

    A lot can happen in six.

    PS... for those of you who are not familiar with NCIS (the blog sphere gasps with shock that their are people who have deprived in such a manner)...you can get the series on Amazon. 


    jbmthinks/sportsparenting said...

    Looking forward to the unveiling of the much anticipated new layout! I loved it when I got mine done a couple of months ago!

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