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5K plans from spud to speedster

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  • Monday, March 28
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  • Just decided to get off the couch and try to make one of my goals come true… to run a 5K.  My family members are considering doing a family 5K run in June at the Ruston Peach Festival.  This would be in honor of my father-in-law who is over 85+ years and has been jogging since the 1960’s.  We are going to try to surprise him with all of his grandchildren, as many children as we can (the others will be cheerleaders) and in-laws jogging/walking alongside him.

    So how does a former couch potato… no longer due to Zumba and two toddlers become a 5K finisher?  Enter “Couch to 5K”… this is a training program that is designed to get people like me ready for a 5K in 9 weeks.  Perfect… the 5K I want to participate is only in 12 weeks that give “miss procrastinator” three week lee-way before I start.  

    Not so fast… according to everyone I have talked with… I will most likely repeat one to two weeks of the program as I won’t be ready to go the next step.  That gives me only 1 week lee-way….okay, procrastination stops here.  So... tomorrow, I begin day 1 of week 1 on the program.  Goodbye cold cruel (actually very comfy) couch … hello running world, Hope you get a good laugh at this former potato / spud.

    Ah… just remembered in 5 short days my new layout rolls out, just in time for me to post an update on how my first week transitioning from spud to speedster went.  Post idea coming.

    See you off the couch.


    daydreamsandshoestrings said...

    Hello! I found you while searching for Louisiana Bloggers. I ended up on BlogFrog on your community...and wanted to check out your site! I am a graduate of the C25K program and just finished my second 5K of the year!! I agree that there will be some days you want to "repeat" - you will just have to listen to your body. I look forward to following your blog and your progress!!

    aSpoonfulOsugar said...

    Thank you. I am looking forward to going crazy with it and becoming a life long runner. And thank you for commenting. I hope you enjoy following this journey.


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