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Advantage of Being a SAHM #3

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  • Tuesday, February 22
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  • My youngest son, Will, was born 7 weeks premature.  And for the last six weeks that he was in his birthmother's womb, he rested in her pelvis region.  This lead to his skull basically being flattened on one side... not significantly but you could visually see the issues.  Because of that he has to wear a Cranial Helmet for approximately six months in order to help his skull shape develop normally.  That is why in some of the pictures, you will see Will without a helmet and in some he looks like he is prepping for the NFL.  (on a side note...  whenever little boys ask me about the helmet ... my standard answer is that he is in training for the NFL.  Many a time, the little boy who asks will then turn to his Mom and say "I want one".  I know I am not being kind to the other Mother but it is easier for kids to understand that initially and then I explain that his skull needs help as it grows.)  These pictures are also some of the first of me since I lost the 90+ lbs.  As you can see, Will loves to use my pony tail as a handle or as the reins on a horse... haven't decided which he is doing yet.


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