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Rite Aid January Wellness newsletter e-mail

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  • Thursday, January 20
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  • aSpoonfulOsugar
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  • Check your e-mail... as yesterday the Rite Aid January Wellness newsletter appeared in mine.  It had several note worthy items.  But two that I intend to use are:

    1.  the $16 UP Rewards on Nature Made CoQ10 and Fish Supplements (see my earlier post on combining this with Nature Made rebate).
    2.  a coupon available for $2 off any Advil, Dimetapp, or Robitussin Cold product purchase (good through 2/19/2011).  With cold and flu season in full swing... I like to keep on hand plenty of cold medicine for me and my husband ((This is self defense against raising a 2 year old and a 7 month old at the same time... God laughs at us on this constantly.  Can't complain though waited 17 years for them so have to love every minute... Laughing hysterically on that note)).  Combining this coupon with manufacturers coupons and hopefully a good sale before it expires (cross your fingers)... I should be able to get a good stock up price.

    If you haven't registered your Rite Aid wellness card and signed up for the e-mail notifications, you really should do so... to paraphrase MS..."it's a good thing".



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