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No More Rack's Refer a Friend Program

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  • Saturday, January 8
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  • aSpoonfulOsugar
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  • No More Rack’s refer a friend program is BACK! This promo ran last month for 48 hours in which if your referred your friends (who just joined with an e-mail address and they got a $10 credit for registering)… then you could win Apple products? I didn’t participate last month as I was trying to do my first Christmas with two children….hectic time for my household.

    The great news is that due to so much response and positive feedback…No More Rack has brought the referral program back…But this time it is NOT 48 hours but 30 DAYS… so you can even get more of your friends involved…which means more chances for you to win. Also this time, the prizes begin at a lower referral rate… you only need 15 referrals for the first prize level!!!

    The great thing about No More Rack is that your friends don’t have to buy anything… they just have to join using their e-mail account… nothing to it.

    How to Earn Your Free Prizes
    2. Goto My Account then Gift Cards and enter “P1070” to get a FREE $10 credit!
    3. Click on the “Invite Friends” link at the top of the page.
    4. Use the easy click buttons to share your referral code with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
    5. Don’t forget to tell your friends to enter P1070 to get their free $10 credit too!!
    6. When you get at least 15 referrals, you can go over to the FriendRack page to order your prize (you don’t have to wait until the promo is over).

    This is a fun way to earn $10, help out a friend, and potentially earn prizes… so click here to join.



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