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  • I just read an article in Inspired Women Magazine, that I just had to make a shout out on…  Praise God for Christian Women Writers like Penny Zeller who has inspired me.  I really recommend that you read her article on “5 Ways to Bless Others”… not only is it inspirational it is also biblically based.
    As many of you may know, I have in the last year transitioned from an Accounting Controller role in the Corporate world to a SAHM role in my wonderful world.  With that change, I have a lot of unused Business attire.  I have also over the last year lost 73 lbs so even if I was in the same “Corporate” mode of dress… I could never wear these clothes again. 
    Being on a garage sale mindset regarding getting rid of excess stuff… in my first post I explained how much extra “material compensations for childlessness” that I had acquired over the years… the 2nd floor of our house is supposed to be useable space – craft room and workout room instead it is wall to wall storage of junk mainly.  So I am on a mission to go through it and sell it… Okay I digress a little bit, sorry. 
    Being on a garage sale mindset, I had intended to sell this clothing… but Penny’s article has touched my heart that the organization  “Dress for Success” could use these clothes better than I could use the little bit of cash that I would get.  Lately, God has laid several issues on my heart regarding my desire to take care of family income and that it is not always His priority for how I need to handle an item.  In this case, I know in my heart that these clothes will be going to where He wants them.  And as God is the real owner of everything I have… then it is my duty to follow His wishes.
    I would like to challenge you to (1) read the article…I pray it will inspire you as it did me and (2) follow God’s will with not just your spiritual life or your tithe but also with everything you own and all that you are.  I am working towards this… and for those of you who know me personally… I am only at the beginning of this journey as I have a tendency to want His will to follow mine. ..which is definitely the wrong order of things.
    I have added hyperlinks to the magazine, to Penny’s website, to the article, and to the organization that God wants my clothes to go to.  I hope you take the time to read this article and let it have an impact on your life.



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