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Must Read Blog: A Spoonful of Sugar | Budget Savvy Diva

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  • Thursday, January 6
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  • aSpoonfulOsugar
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  • I cannot believe it... my first post series on Strategic Shopping 101 caught the eye of what I consider one of the top bloggers... she is someone that I read, follow, and learn from. Sara at Budget Savvy Diva sent me an complementary message on the post and then even did a "shout out" on her blog about my new blog. Needless to say not only am I extremely excited about this... but to have someone of her caliber (check out her blog at www.budgetsavvydiva.com and you will fully understand why a new blogger like myself is so honored by this) recommend my blog to her readers is an honor. See the attached link to the "shout out" about my blog... Must Read Blog: A Spoonful of Sugar | Budget Savvy Diva.

    Thank you Sara not only for the complement and the recommendation, but for writing one of the blogs that over the last year as I began this journey towards frugality helped along the way... and continues to help daily.



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