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To be continued

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  • Sunday, September 16
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  • I am sorry that I have not been blogging  or responding to comments since last September.  My mother passed away in early Fall of last year and I have had a horribly rough time dealing with the loss.  I appreciate all of the prayers from family and friends that were aware of this situation.  I am just now trying to get back on with my life as I handled my grief by refocusing only on my family, dealing with her estate issues, and trying to figure out how I was going to handle not having her around every day (she lived next door to me).  Today, I finally read the comments that have accumulated since last year.... and I am sorry that I had not responded to them.  I am not sure that I will continue blogging as right now I don't have anything to say.  I will be making a decision when God gives me guidance on this as I am praying about it.  Please lift my family up in prayer as we continue to adjust to not having Mom with us.

    Thank you.  Samantha


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