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Our first domestic adoption experience … the one that I drove and God was consulted

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  • Our first experience in early 2008, was a horrible mistake (this kind of thing can happen when you are driving and not turning the control to the Lord) and we got involved with a birth mother in California that was being represented by a person named... Laurie Arrogon.  She operates two adoption facilitation companies (Adoption Insight and Adoption Wise).  The mistake we made was that we fell in love with the birth mother and the idea of being parents (without praying ... about it very much by the way... well we prayed but didn't really wait for God's answer as we kept on being pressured by Laurie to sign on with the birth mother… if the agency or facilitator or advocate is pressuring you and not giving you time to think and pray… then get out as they are not a reputable organization/professional… this decision is for the rest of your life and deserves time and prayer).  Then before we had ever done any research on Laurie we were committed.  

    She is as my Dad would say “bad news”... she abuses the birth mothers (as we witnessed first hand with our birth mother) and steals the dreams of prospective adoptive parents.  This is some-one to avoid at all costs.  While we were on vacation (on a cruise and not available by phone), she got into a physical argument with our 8 month pregnant birth mother in the hospital (during a pre-birth visit with doctors and nurses watching) and then left the poor girl stranded with no money and 30 miles from her apartment and no way to get back to the apartment.  Needless to say, the birth mother found another agency to work with.  We were contacted by the other agency after the birth mother left but as Laurie had all of our money at the time (this was when we were trying to both adopt and to wrap up fertility treatment so we only had a certain amount of money available) we could not go to the other agency and the contract that we signed would require us to still pay Laurie as she was the one that introduced us to the birth mother.   


    Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

    How frustrating! It is unbelievable to me that someone would act like that.

    Daria said...

    That's awful!

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