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  • Thursday, March 10
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  • Just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I am still here... this week though I have not had a moment to do any of my regularly posting as both Will and Cole are sick with viral infections and to top it off both have ear infections also.  We just found out that Cole's tubes came out so we are back in ear infection mode.  I forsee tubes again in the near future...ugh.

    Will be posting regularly again next week...as nurse Mommy is exhausted and by then the boys should be bouncing off the walls again.

    Next week...

    My first product review ... I really loved writing the McKenzie book review so I can't wait to write my product reviews.
    My first three giveaways... yes we are going to start three giveaways in one week.  I am very excited.
    Couponing series is going to take off--- I have it all written not just to set up the postings to publish
    A regular posting schedule will be listed on the blog so you can know when your favorite items are coming.

    And lastly... after two months it is obvious that  I need to upgrade the blog layout so I will be rolling out some updates next week also.

    This is all dependent upon the antibiotics and the boys.

    Thanks for following and reading.  Don't forget to comment as I always love to hear from my Spoonful friends.


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