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Pour One More – Got Milk? Giveaway at Nichole's Nickels

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  • Monday, March 7
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  • aSpoonfulOsugar
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  • Nicole from Nicole's Nickels is offering a giveaway sponsored by The Got Milk folks in which you have an opportunity to win one year's worth of milk.  That is my type of giveaway.  With six easy ways to enter after the mandatory entry, this takes only a few minutes to enter but it can have tremendous potential to aid your family finances.  Go to Nicole's Nickels and take the few minutes to potentially win a year's worth of milk.

    With two boys who both drink milk and a husband who considers milk one of the primary beverages of choice (after his morning coffee), I am always looking for ways to get milk for less than the current price of $4 a gallon.  To get it for free would be beyond my wildest dreams.  I have taken the chance to enter this giveaway... if you have milk drinkers... why not take a few minutes to try to win?



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