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Reviews coming soon!!!

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  • Friday, February 18
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  • aSpoonfulOsugar
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  • I am currently working on two posts for reviews of two different products.  Wanted to give you a heads up so you can be looking for them. (McKenzie by Penny Zeller and the Puplite.)

    The first review is Penny Zeller's book  "McKenzie"... this is book #1 in Penny's new Montana Skies Historical Romance series. 

     The second is a review of the Puplite... this is a light and collar for your dog. 

    I hope you look forward to reading these reviews and enjoy them as much as I did working on them.  These reviews have taken longer than I had originally planned to get out due to everyone in my family have illnesses back to back.  It has been "germy" in my home since almost Christmas.   But it looks like everyone is beginning to get healthy so I can start focusing back on the blog and off of being doctor/nurse.  

    Thanks for your patience.


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