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Motherhood and a law that I want to see on the books

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  • Motherhood was something that I dreamed of, prayed about, cried about, and finally submitted to God’s will upon for over seventeen years of marriage.  This doesn’t count all of the years growing up dreaming as young girls do.  During that time, I never realized that Motherhood is really a cycle of highs and lows all covered by a blanket of love.  I think that the love I feel for my sons must be but a small fraction of the love that the Lord feels for His children.  How sad we must make Him every day when we disappoint him.  I know that when my son, Cole  is disobedient I feel very upset and sad.  I cannot imagine what the Lord must feel when I disappoint Him daily.  

    Now I don’t want to make Cole out to be a little terror… no he is just a typical two year old boy… very confident and very curious.  He is always doing the typical two year old activity of pushing or testing  all boundaries.  I just had to stop typing this post to pull him off of our bookshelf that not twenty minutes ago I told him not to climb.  But of course, he saw that I was distracted (or so he thought) and began to climb… six shelves are three to many full of temptation.  These days he reminds me of Curious George rather than the newborn we adopted two years ago.

    And that brings me to the purpose of this post I have experienced such highs in my life these last two years of being a Mother.   I never knew my heart could be so full of joy and happiness.  But until this weekend, I don’t think I fully understood the low points of motherhood.  I now have a definition of the “rock bottom low point” of motherhood… 

    "one child sick with a bacterial infection, one child sick with a viral infection, one husband sick with either a bacterial or viral infection (we don’t know as of course he won’t go to the doctor and men are never good patients) and one mom sick with either a bacterial or viral infection with a house that is now dirty after only three days.  My doctor didn’t bother to do the blood work as we would have to wait too long to get it, he just prescribed antibiotics.  Sounds like not much of a big deal… but I forgot to mention that the boys began their antibiotics and other medicines on Saturday and I wasn’t able to see the doctor till Monday… so they have a head start of two days of feeling better  While all I want to do is crawl into my bed and block out the world… my two (much desired and beloved) sons are as hyped up as if I had been feeding them caffeine and sugar for a month."

    I am proposing a new law rather than all of the healthcare proposals that nobody has the time or energy to read anyway… this law is that doctors are NOT allowed to give children medicine which will hype them up unless they do the following:  

    1. They give Mom a triple dose of the hype medicine
    2. They provide maid service, laundry service, meal order selection service, and babysitting
    3. A spa package for 12 hours free downtime

    I think if a doctor violates this then they should be subject to the penalty of watching the kids while Mom sleeps the much needed sleep of an exhausted Mommy.   

    What do you think?  Exhausted Mom aka. Samantha


    PippaD aka Mummy said...

    Nice to find you and sounds like a good law to me!

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