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  • Friday, February 11
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  • Lately, I have been getting questions from local friends wanting to know why I use match up lists of one blogger rather than another.  I want to clarify my reasoning... I post the lists created by those bloggers who are in the SAME region that I am for the specific store.  Each region has different sales items and sale prices and I prefer to only post those who are in my same region.  So if you live say in the North region and I am in the Southwest region for Krogers... I would recommend that you  find a good responsible blogger in your region and that is who you want to get your shopping lists with matchup from.  Please continue to follow me for other items but don't try to use a Southwest region matchup on another region's sales... it won't work.  If you need help finding a blogger in your region, please let me know and I will try to find one for you.



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