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Ways to get Coupons

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  • Newspaper Home Delivery: Save 50% or more or you can purchase the Sunday Paper at Walmart for $1 instead of the rate elsewhere of $1.50…NOTE:  verify that the inserts are all there… I have had the bad experience where I bought a paper and it didn’t have any coupons as either the insert was left out or someone took them…I prefer to believe that it was accidental.  Also, on Sundays where the P&G inserts are scheduled to come out… I go early while the kids are eating breakfast as I have gone after church before and all of the papers that were left did not have any inserts…the early bird gets the inserts in this situation.
     All You Magazine (2-year): $50-$90 of coupons per issue…this is a magazine that you can only purchase from Walmarts or on-line.  I am currently purchasing mine from Walmart when I go to buy my coupon on Sunday morning…but I am looking for a really low rate online for it.  When I find it then I will order it online…currently Amazon has it for $1.67 a month with a 2 year subscription.  I think I can get it for under $1.50 so I am still looking.
    The Coupon Clippers: You can view or purchase coupons.  I have never done this myself but I know of several coupon divas that have taken advantage of this service.  If you are trying to find a coupon for a product that you need to buy and have exhausted all other sources…then it can be beneficial to purchase your coupons from a service. 

    Other ideas to get coupons:
    #1 You can ask at the store if they can save unsold papers for you.
    #2 Join a coupon train or swap coupons
    #3 Receive the Red Plum Insert for free: Red Plum
    #4 Print out Coupons at these sites and check the manufactures website
    for printable coupons:
    Red Plum
    Smart Source
    Target Printable Grocery Coupons which can be used at stores which accept competitors coupons.
    UPromise: eCoupons register your drugstore or grocery card and save when you shop.
    Cellfire eCoupons available for select grocery stores.
    One of my favorite sources for receiving coupons is to sign up for free samples…usually you either get a coupon with the sample or the manufacturer sometimes puts you on a mailing list for their coupons.  I have gotten really good high dollar coupons for products that I use this way along with getting a free trial of the product.
    Another way is to write the manufacturer directly and tell them how much you like the product.  I have taken the time to both write and email manufacturers with good results.
    I hope that this information is helpful to you.  Thanks to Cheryl Maguire of Swap Savers for some of the tips.


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