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Sunday 1/23/2011 Coupon Insert Preview

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  • Just had to do a shout out  to thank Shannon of “For the Mommas” for posting this.

    Two inserts in this Sunday (1/23/2011) paper.  Now… please remember that regionally coupons vary and this is just a preview… so your inserts may not be the same.

    Ball Park products $1.00/2 x3/6/11
    Brillo Soap pads 10 ct or 18 ct .55/1 DND #5 x3/27/11
    Brillo Estraceli sponge products $1.00/2 DND #5 x3/27/11
    Carolina River Rice .50/1 x4/30/11
    Carolina Rice mixes $1.00/3 x4/30/11
    Disney vitamins $1.00/1 x3/8/`11
    Ester-C powders, tablets or gummies $1.00/1 x3/8/11
    Eucerin hand or body product x2 oz = 16.9oz $1.00/1 x3/19/11
    Flex-a-min tablets $3.00/1 x3/8/11
    Hillshire Farm smoked sausage $1.00/2 DND#5 x2/28/11
    I-cool for menopause $2.00/1 x3/31/11
    Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal 10.8 oz or larger $1.00/1 x3/6/11
    Kikkoman product Buy TWO get $1.00 off any carton of eggs x7/31/11
    L’Oreal Elnett hairspray 11oz. no 2.2oz trial size $3.00/1 x3/20/11
    L’Oreal Ever Sleek, Ever Pure or Ever Strong Shampoo or Conditioner $2.00/1 x3/20/11
    L’Oreal Ever Sleek, Ever Pure or Ever Strong Treatment $2.00/1 x3/20/11
    L’Oreal Healthy Look, Creme Gloss Color $2.00/1 x3/20/11
    L’Oreal Paris Eye cosmetic item $2.00/1 x3/20/11
    L’Oreal Paris Lash Boosting serum $2.00/1 x3/20/11
    L’Oreal Skincare Product $1.00/1 x3/20/11
    Minute Rice product .50/1 x4/16/11
    M&M’s chocolate candies, snickers brand minis, twix minis 9.4oz or larger $1.50/2 DND#5 x3/6/11
    Nature’s bounty vitamins any $1.00/1 x3/8/11
    Nature’s Your Life Multi any $2.00/1 x3/8/11
    Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce, Salsa, Lemonade, Marinade, popcorn or cereal .50/1 x3/19/11
    Newman’s Own Salad dressing .50/1 x3/19/11
    Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy Pizza $1.00/1 x3/19/11
    Newman’s Own Lighten Up! Salad Dressing .50/1 x3/19/11
    Nutro Natural Choice Dry Cat food bag $3.00/1 x3/20/11
    Nutro Natural Choice dry Dog food bag $4.00/1 x3/20/11
    Osteo Bi-Flex caplets, softgel or powder no liquids $7.00/1 x3/8/11
    Pedigree + food for dogs cans Buy Two get One FREE up to $1.09 x2/28/11
    Pedigree food for dogs 8.8lb or larger bag $2.00/1 x2/28/11
    Pillsbury sugar free brownie mixes, cake mixes or frosting $1.00/2 x4/30/11
    SlimShots liquid portion control no 2-count $3.00/1 x3/31/11
    Snickers bar, almond bar, dark bar or peanut butter squared pack 1.76oz – 2.07oz and Get one Snickers Peanut Butter Squared pack x1.78oz FREE value .99 DND#5 x2/20/11
    Sundown or Marvel vitamins $1.00/1 x3/8/11
    Superpretzel product any .50/1 x2/23/11
    Whiskas dry cat food bag $1.50/1 x3/19/11
    Whiskas tray any flavor Buy one Get one FREE value .69 x3/19/11
    Armour Meatballs $0.55 x3/31/11
    Biz $2.00/1 x2/6/11
    Biz $1.00/1 x3/6/11
    Blue Diamond Almonds $0.75/2 x5/31/11
    Campbell’s Chunky Soup or Chili cans or bowls $1.00/4 x3/6/11
    Clearasil $1.00/1 x4/17/11
    Comet Cleanser or Comet Spray $0.35/1 x3/31/11
    Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue $0.50/2 4 packs or one 12 pack x3/6/11
    Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes $0.50/2 x3/6/11
    Dannon Single Serve Cups $1.00/10 x2/28/11
    Delsym Children’s or Adult product $1.00/1 x4/17/11
    Delsym 4-6 Hour Night TIme product $2.00/1 x4/17/11
    EarthWise Entirely Natural Premium Fruit Juice Beverages $1.00/2 x2/28/11
    Ensure 4 pack $3.00/1 x3/6/11
    Ensure multipacks $3.00/2 x3/6/11
    Ensure 4 packs B2G1F to $9.99 x3/6/11
    Everybody’s Nuts $1.00/1 x7/31/11
    Farmland 12 oz or 16 oz Hickory Smoked Bacon $1.00/1 x3/12/11
    Finish Quantum $1.00/1 x2/28/11
    Finish Powerball or Gelpac $0.75/1 x2/28/11
    French’s Mustard Dipping Sauce $0.75/1 x4/30/11
    French’s Worcestershire Sauce $0.75/1 x3/31/11
    French’s Classic Mustard $0.30/1 x3/31/11
    French’s Spicy Brown, Honey, Horseradish, etc $0.75/1 x3/31/11
    Friskies cat treats $1.00/1 x4/24/11
    Friskies Indoor Adventures cat treats to Hairball Remedy $1.00/1 x4/24/11
    GoodNites Jumbo pack+ $1.50/1 x2/19/11
    Hormel Pepperoni packs $1.00/2 x3/20/11
    Huggies Diapers $1.50/1 x2/19/11
    Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers $2.00/1 x2/19/11
    Huggies Baby Wipes 64 ct+ $0.50/1 x2/19/11
    Huggies Pull Ups Jumbo+ $2.00/1 x2/19/11
    Hunts Canned Tomatoes $0.45/3 x3/13/11
    Kix cereal $0.50/1 x3/5/11
    Kozy Shack $1.00/2 x5/31/11
    Kraft Dressing $1.00/2 x2/20/11
    Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo $0.75/1 x2/20/11
    Lindt Truffles 5.1 oz+ $1.00/1 x4/30/11
    Mariani Dried Fruit Snacks $0.75/1 x3/31/11
    Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color $2.00/1 x2/28/11
    Oscar Mayer Carving Board Meats $1.00/1 x3/20/11
    Ortega $0.50/2 x3/31/11
    Pam Cooking Spray $0.35/1 x3/13/11
    Pantene $1.00/2 x2/28/11
    Perfect 10 Hair Color $3.00/1 x2/28/11
    Pediasure Try Me Free MIR to $13.99 x3/6/11
    PediaCare $1.00/1 x3/31/11
    Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods $0.75/3 x4/16/11
    Pillsbury Italian Meal Breads, Breadsticks, Dinner Rolls, Pizza Crest .40/2 x4/16/11
    Purina Beggin’, buy one get 7 oz or smaller Purina Busy Free to $3.99 x4/24/11
    Red Baron singles $0.75/1 x3/26/11
    Red Baron Pan Pizza or Pasta $1.00/1 x4/3/11
    Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $1.00/2 x3/31/11
    Ronzoni Garden Delight $1.00/1 x3/31/11
    Ronzoni Smart Taste $1.00/2 x3/31/11
    Rosarita Beans $0.50/3 x3/13/11
    Sabra 8 oz+ $1.00/1 x2/28/11
    Scotch Lint Roller $1.00/1 x4/15/11
    Scotch Pet Hair Roller $1.00/1 x4/14/11
    Sucrets $1.50/1 x4/30/11
    Tai Pei Single Serve Appetizer or Entree $0.50/1 x3/27/11
    Tai Pei Multiserve Appetizer or Entree $1.00/1 x3/27/11
    Total Cereal $0.50/1 x3/5/11
    Tyson Bagged Breaded Chicken Strips $1.00/1 x4/30/11
    Tyson Any’tizers Wings $1.00/1 x4/23/11
    Tyson Any’tizers Snacks $1.00/1 x4/23/11
    Woolite Detergent 50 oz $3.00/1 x3/6/11
    Thanks to HCW for the preview.  And to Shannon of  For the Momma’s for posting this list.


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