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I say Yes

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  • Wednesday, January 5
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  • Thank you Super Mom and The B.M.C. Report, I loved your blog posts so here is mine.....

    I say YES to a Sonic Route 44 Diet Dr.Pepper...I deserve one!
    I say yes to running around the living room with my two year old dancing to Felix Navidad.
    I say yes to one more song and cuddle before sending them off to bed.
    I say yes to making sure that my I tell my boys "I LOVE YOU" each day
    I say yes to making sure my boys know that GOD loves them too!
    I say yes to taking an extra 5 minutes of me time with my husband each day.
    I say yes to taking my quiet time with God each morning.
    I say yes to taking 5 more minutes petting my dogs while the chores wait.
    I say yes to putting my boys (both 2 legged and 4 legged) first above my chores.
    I say yes to marveling at the beautiful day God made for us.
    I say yes to getting ALL the laundry and dishes done.
    I say yes to a fun walk with the family each afternoon.
    I say yes to enjoying watching Curious George with my boys each morning.
    I say yes to staying calm while all around me is chaos.
    I say yes to inspiring others.
    I say yes to find a positive in every situation.
    I say yes to giggling.
    I say yes to learning something NEW.
    I say yes to taking time for me to get exercise each day.
    I say yes to making sure I blog each day with SOMETHING even if it isn't a huge post.

    What do YOU say yes to? 


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