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Hot Amazon Baby Deals -- Formula / Wipes/ Diapers

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  • Monday, January 24
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  • Weekly I will be posting the infant deals on Amazon.

    There are a few great deals for formula on Amazon right now. Check out a number of deals HERE on Amazon.  Also, you can choose subscribe and save (which you can cancel at any time) as this will save you an additional 15% off of these formulas HERE.

    This Formula Deal is still going….there is a HOT Similac deal on Amazon right now! You can grab $83.70 of formula for $33.80!! This would make this formula 60% off which is a formula sale rarely seen. This deal is for the Similac Advance Newborn, Ready To Feed 2-ounce bottles – 48 pack.
    similac newborn ready to feed 
    Here’s how to get this deal:
    • Go to the Similac Advance Newborn formula HERE and you will see the sale price of $39.77 for the 48-pack of 2 oz. Ready To Feed bottles (normally $83.70).
    • Then on the right side of the page, you will see the option for Subscribe and Save, by choosing this, you will save an additional 15% off – $5.97 = final is $33.80 for 48 ready to feed bottles or .70 each PLUS this will be shipped FREE!
    Check out all of the other formula deals with the 15% Subscribe and Save discount on Amazon right now HERE.  Please see all of the infant formulas offered on Amazon, many of which are on sale right now! There are over 900 varieties and we will let you know when we spot a super deal (like the one above) but it would definitely be worth checking your specific brand/type on Amazon to see if yours is on sale!


     You can get name brand diapers for super cheap and delivered to your door FREE right now from Amazon! To grab the awesome deals right now, you will want to join Amazon Moms (anyone who takes care of kids can join) as this will give you an additional 15% discount for a 30% discount.

    You can find additional Amazon Diaper coupon codes in the following magazines:
    • 20% off purchase of one unit of diapers found in the December issues of Parenting: The Early Years and Parents magazines. Also, sign-up for a FREE subscription to American Baby as many are reporting that they are finding the 20% off coupon codes in this magazine as well!  Both December coupons expire on 1/31/11!!
    • February Issue of Parenting: The Early Years Issue $10 off coupon (for this coupon, there is a chance that you can stack it with the 20% of coupon as well as possibly using this coupon on wipes.  We have not tested this ourselves yet though!) Thanks Michelle!
    • There have also been reports about FREE Baby Talk and or American Baby Magazines inside Babies R Us (and possibly Toys R Us) that are FREE and contain the 20% off coupon that expires on 2/28/2011.  Thanks Jenn!
    • $10 off or 20% off coupon for your Amazon diaper purchase in latest issue of Fit Pregnancy Magazine (the $10 coupon can be combined with the 20% off coupon codes from the other magazines too) Thanks Carrie!
    • Also, we have received several reports of a $10 off coupon coming from Amazon via the regular mail if you are an Amazon Moms member.  Be watching for this coupon as you can stack it with the 20% off codes too!
    We have also been putting together Amazon Diaper Deals and thus far have put together scenarios for these 4 brands (click on the green text to see the details of the deal):
    Also, you can find some awesome wipes deals on Amazon right now. There are not many diaper wipes stock-up opportunities, so this is a fairly rare chance to stock-up for CHEAP:
    *Please note: Amazon’s prices change frequently so the above deals can be a little higher or lower depending on the hour! 

    I want to thank The Thrifty Couple for putting together this information as part of their weekly blog posts on cheap diapers and cheap formula deals.   



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