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Couponing 101: Terminology

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  • I have always found that the first step in learning a new process or procedure (the Accountant in me is coming out again… sorry) is much easier if you have list of terminology or lingo.  That way when you read the process you don’t have to ask yourself huh? when a word that you don’t know shows up or when a common word is used in an uncommon way… I wish I had found this information when I first started couponing as I felt like the bloggers were all talking Greek to this little ole lady from Louisiana… and it caused me considerable headaches and stumbling blocks in my learning process during the early stages.

    Here is the common terminology that couponers use:

    Blinkie—a coupon from a SmartSource machine usually attached to a shelf or freezer.  Called “blinkie” as the machine has a red blinking light on it.
    BOGO –B1G1—B1G1F--Buy One Get One Free
    BTFE—Box Tops for Education
     Bricks – a form of internet printable coupon.  If you look at the address bar, you will see the term “brick” which will let you know that this is a “brick” coupon.  As you print a “brick” coupon, a picture of a computer/printer with a small blinking dot will show on the screen as the coupon information is sent to your default printer.  You can only print one of these coupons, however… if you hit the back button three times after the coupon is sent to the printer, you can usually print a second copy of the coupon.  If you want additional copies, then you will need to use another computer with a different IP address.
    B2G1—buy two get one free
    Cat—Catalina coupon—coupon that prints from a Catalina machine found at the register dispensed on separate paper than the register receipt.  Catalina coupons are printed based upon specific items purchased.  A listing of the catalinas available each month along with the required purchase item is available (I will be posting this list each month).
    CPN - Q – Coupon
     CRT—Cash Register Tape – coupons that print at the bottom of the cash register tape.
    DND – coupon states “do not double”
    DND5—coupon states “do not double” but the bar code starts with a “5” meaning some computers will double this coupon.  ((Note:  Krogers used to double the “5” coupons but the latest computer upgrade fixed this so that it won’t double)).
    DOUBLE – A coupon that a store doubles the face value
    eCoupon—coupon found on the internet but that is not printable as it is uploaded to a card.
    ECB – Extra Care Buck (reward coupon earned at CVS) (CVS Specific)
    ES – Easy Saver, as in Walgreens rebate booklet
    EX or Exp. – Expiration date
    FAR—free after rebate
    GM—General Mills insert – a booklet of coupons that appear in newspapers every month or two.
    GDA – good deal alert.
    Hangtag—coupon found hanging from a tag around a bottle or jar.
    HBA – Health & Beauty Section in the store
    HOT – Hot Deal Inserts – coupons found in the Sunday paper
    IP-- Internet printable coupon
    IVC—Instant value coupons—for example:  Walgreen’s store coupons or store tearpads.
    MC—MQ-- MFR--Manufacturers coupon
    MIR – Mail In Rebate
    NED – No Expiration Date
    NT WT – Net Weight
    OOP – Out Of Pocket--
    The amount you actually spend
    OOS – Out of Stock
    OYNO -On Your Next Order
    Peelie—coupon found on the package of a product itself.  It peels off.
    PG --P&G—Proctor & Gamble insert—a booklet of coupons that are for Proctor & Gamble products
    POP – Proof of purchase
    PC—Price Cut
    RC – Rain-check
    Regional—coupon value only distributed at a certain area of the country or at a certain time. RP—Red Plum insert – a booklet of coupons that appear in newspapers.  (formally Valassis)
    RR – Register Reward from Walgreens – This is a manufacturer coupon. Catalina’s printed out at Walgreens  (Walgreen specific)
    Reg P—Reg—Regular price
    Run – After you have done your matching, going to the grocery store to use your coupons
    SAHM – Stay At Home Mom
    SASE—self addressed stamped envelope
    SC—Store coupon
    SCR – Single Check Rebate – rebate system at Rite Aid (Rite Aid specific)
    SS—Smart Source insert—a booklet of coupons that appear in newspapers
    Stacking coupons – when you use two coupons together.  For example a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon on the same item.
    Stockpiling – Is a pile or storage location for bulk materials. In this case meaning groceries, personal care or household products.
    Tearpad – coupons or refund forms that are on a pad usually located on a display or shelf near the items.
    TQ—Target coupon
    TRIPLE – A coupon that a store triples the face value
    TMF—try me free—refund form that usually require you to mail in proof of purchase (UPC # and original register receipt) for a full refund.
    UP Rewards –UP Rite Aid Plus Up Reward (Rite Aid specific)
    UPC – Universal Product Code-- barcode on the product
    that is scanned to determine pricing. Often needed to fulfill MIR’s.
    WSL—while supplies last
     WYB – When You Buy
    YMMV—your mileage may vary –
    Means all stores may not accept or participate.
    $/$$ -- dollars off when you buy XX dollars.  Example $0.75/ $3.00 = 75₵ off when you purchase $3.00 worth of product.
    $/Qty – dollars off when you buy XX quantity of a product.  Example $1 / 5 = $1.00 off when you purchase 5 of a product.

    Thanks to the following bloggers for providing the basic information that I used to create this list…Valerie at The Cute Couponer, Jenny at Southern Savers, Lori at Moms By Heart, and  We Use Coupons.com.  

    If my definition for a term is not clear or as my dad used to say “if it is clear as mud”… please leave a comment and I will try to provide clarification either in a reply comment or if it is needed in an additional post.  I hope this helps as we go through the Couponing 101 series.  I will be trying to post a new section of the series every other day but like always it is dependent upon my son’s and how much they may need me.


    Next post in series:  Couponing 101:  Basic overview of the Coupon process


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